Sulzer finalizes Nordic Water acquisition

With the completion of the acquisition of Nordic Water, Sulzer has expanded its offering to the water treatment sector. The deal benefits the customers of both companies and offers a wider range of expertise as well as products to the global market. The synergy between the two companies presents a unique opportunity for these well-respected suppliers to widen the availability of their solutions for more sustainable water treatment processes.

Nordic Water is a leading supplier of screening, sedimentation and filtration equipment to municipal and industrial water treatment plants. With 60 years’ experience in the industry, the company has a large installed base of equipment that will continue to receive industry-leading support as always.

For Sulzer, the deal is an excellent match for the company’s existing portfolio of pumping, mixing, aeration and solids reducing/removal solutions that offer reliability and efficiency to water and wastewater handling applications. Coupled with Sulzer’s global presence and involvement with water treatment projects around the world, the acquisition enables a greater appreciation for Nordic Water products and the improved sustainability they offer.

Jonas Gunnarsson, CEO, Nordic Water, explains: “Our joint history of supporting the water industry and the complementary nature of our businesses will allow us to deliver sustainable products that meet the needs of today without compromising with future generations. We believe in offering high quality products and combined with energy-efficiency, the life cycle cost we will jointly offer our customers is very low. This is a perfect match.”

Soren Jensen, Head of Sulzer’s Water Business Unit, continues: “Nordic Water is a great addition to Sulzer as our strengths are complimentary. They bring extensive expertise, long experience and a wide range of essential water treatment equipment to our already strong water offering. Our combined portfolio will benefit our municipal and industrial water customers worldwide, and together we will be able to open up many new opportunities.”

Sulzer’s acquisition of Nordic Water consolidates the company’s presence in the water sector, expanding the range of products as well as strengthening the knowledge and expertise in the design and delivery of reliable and sustainable solutions for this important market.